August 22, 2016


The SARAL/AltiKa Science Team: PIs and their science investigations

PI NamePI First nameInstitutionTitle of proposalMain Theme
Achuta RaoKrishnaIIT DelhiSteric sea level rise and ocean modellingGlobal Mean Sea level & Climate
AnandA.Regional Remote Sensing Centre (Central), NagpurStudy of relationship between mesoscale oceanographic features and pelagic fisheries of Andaman and Nicobar IslandsOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
ArnaultSabineLOCEAN-IRDTropical Atlantic Regional Studies using SARAL/AltikaOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
BasuS. K.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadAssimilation of AltiKA data in Ocean General Circulation ModelsAssimilation
BhandariS. M.Indian Centre for Climate and Societal Impacts Research (ICCSIR)Investigations of the Structure and Dynamics of the Polar Sea ice over the Marginal ice Zone in relation to climatePolar Ice
BhandariS. M.Indian Centre for Climate and Societal Impacts Research (ICCSIR)Microwave Signature characterization and study of the environmental State of Sambhar Salt Lake using Radar Altimeter and PMR data from SARAL/AltiKaInland water
BirkettCharon M.University of Maryland"The Application of the SARAL/AltiKa radar altimeter data to Inland Surface Water Projects"Inland water
BirolFlorenceLEGOSRegional analysis at the Centre de Topographie des Océans et de l'Hydrosphère (CTOH)CalVal
BoschWolfgangDeutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI)Global Cross Calibration of SARAL/AltiKa altimeter data for improved estimates of Ocean Tides and Ocean Topography (CASA4OT2)CalVal
BowersToddNaval Meteorology and Oceanography Command - OCEANOInclusion of SARAL/AltiKa altimetry OGDR and IGDR data products into NAVOCEANO altimetry data processing for ingest into oceanographic circulation models, as a follow-on to Envisat missionOperational
ChaoYiJPLSynergistic Applications of SARAL/ALTIKA Radar Altimetry in Regional Oceanographic InvestigationsAssimilation
ChapronBertrandIFREMERSea ice, rain, spectral analysis and high resolution measurements with AltiKaCalVal & Reprocessing
ChengKai-ChienNational Chung Cheng UniversityAbsolute Calibration for AltiKa Altimeter Data in Taiwan Seas and the Great LakesCalVal
CretauxJean-FrançoisLEGOSAltHydroKaInland water
DengXiaoliUniversity of NewcastleSatellite AltiKa altimetry for monitoring of mesoscale variability of the Leuwin Current off Western Australia in Indian OceanCoastal
DibarboureGéraldCLSValidation, Cross-calibration and Multi-mission Merging for High Resolution Altimetry, Ocean Circulation studies and Coastal ApplicationsCalVal
DurandFabienLEGOS-IRDAltiGlideX: Towards a synergy of AltiKa, gliders and XBTs for the monitoring of boundary currents in the South-West PacificCoastal
EsselbornSaskiaGFZComparison of Coastal AltiKa and tide gauges data around the Indian OceanCalVal
EymardLaurenceLOCEANIn-flight Calibration Validation, processing and exploitation of the MicroWave Radiometer on board SARAL/AltiKaCalVal & Reprocessing
Fenoglio-MarcLucianaDarmstadt University of TechnologyRegional Coastal Altimetry in Europe and Asia-Indonesia (RCA_EUR-IND)Coastal
FilizolaNazianoAmazonas State University, UEAALAMKA: Altimetric profiles of the Amazon rivers using AltiKaInland water
GairolaR. M.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadSystem and process studies using AltiKa and other altimeters (ENVISAT, JASON-1, 2)CalVal & Reprocessing
GairolaR. M.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadOceanic Climate Change indices and Sea Level variability over Indian OceanGlobal Mean Sea level & Climate
GnanaseelanC.IITM, PuneUnderstanding the vertical structure of the tropical Indian OceanAssimilation
GriffinDavidCSIROAssimilation of AltiKa sea level data into the Australian Bluelink ocean nowcasting and forecasting systemsOperational
Hareesh Kumar NPOL CochinOceanographic features in the North Indian Ocean from SARAL/AltiKa dataOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
IchikawaKaoruKyushu UniversityDetection of Coastal Velocity Variations in the Tsushima StraitCoastal
JanssenPeterECMWFGlobal Validation and Assimilation of SARAL/AltiKa Wind and Wave ProductsCalVal
KishtawalC. M.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadImproving tropical cyclone intensity prediction using Ocean Heat Content information from satellite Altimeter SARAL"Marine Meteorology"
KumarRajSAC, ISRO, AhmedabadUnderstanding coastal processes and assimilation of AltiKa data in Indian coastal regionsCoastal
KumarRajSAC, ISRO, AhmedabadStudy of Sea State Bias and sea level using AltiKa DataCalVal & Reprocessing
LazaroClaireUniversidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências (FCUP)Characterization of the subtropical Atlantic from the synergistic use of satellite altimetry and remote sensing data (AtlantiKa)Ocean Dynamics & Mesoscale
LeeHyongkiOhio State UniversitySurface water dynamics over the Congo Basin and over Arctic lakes using AltiKa altimeter dataInland water
LefèvreJean-MichelMETEO-FranceContribution of the SARAL/Altika mission to sea-state analysis and prediction in coastal zonesOperational
LillibridgeJohnNOAADemonstration Project for Operational Applications of AltiKa AltimetryOperational
MehraPrakashNIO, Goa"Validation of AltiKa measurements using sea level and meteorological data from Karwar and Kavarati"CalVal
MenemenlisDimitrisJPLEvaluation and utilization of SARAL/AltiKa data for global ocean data assimilationAssimilation
MercierFrankCLS"Waveforms Analysis and Improved Altimetric Parameters Estimations for AltiKa"CalVal & Reprocessing
MertikasSteliosTechnical University of CreteGAVDOS-AltiKa: Monitoring, Calibration and Validation of SARAL/AltiKa satellite altimeter measurements using the permanent facility on the island of Gavdos and Crete, GreeceCalVal
Mihir Kumar Dash IIT-CORAL, KharagpurFeature based Study of the Indian Ocean circulationOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
NayakRavindraIIRS, DehradunNorth Indian coastal and open oceans circulation using a meso-scale ocean modelOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
NeremSteveUniversity of ColoradoMeasuring global mean sea level variations from the SARAL/AltiKa missionGlobal Mean Sea level & Climate
NinoFernandoLEGOSRadar altimetry waveform inversion for continental water bodiesCalVal & Reprocessing
OzaS. R.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadInvestigations of the inter-annual polar ice surface characteristics using altimetric observationsPolar Ice
PascualAnandaInstitut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats, IMEDEAOn the use of SARAL/Altika products for coastal and Mesoscale studies in the Balearic Sea: synergy with other sensors (SAMEBA)Coastal
PrasadKVSRAndhra Univ. VizagApplication of SARAL for coastal erosion along Vishakhapatnam coastCoastal
QuartlyGrahamNational Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOC)KaNUTECalVal & Reprocessing
RaoSuryachandraIITM, PuneOcean-Atmosphere coupled processes on intraseasonal time scales in the tropical Indian OceanOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
RemyFrédériqueLEGOSKassis, Ka Survey of Snow and Ice SurfacePolar Ice
RichmanJamesNaval Research Laboratory, NavyApplication of SARAL/AltiKa altimeter sea surface height data to global mesoscale ocean predictionOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
RosmorducVincaCLSHelping AltiKa Data UsersOutreach
SasmalS. K.NRSC, Hyderabad"Analysis of waveform in different types of Indian coastal waters"Coastal
ScharrooRemkoAltimetricsCross-calibration and validation of AltiKa altimeter data in the framework of the decadal sea level recordCalVal & Reprocessing
SeylerFrédériqueESPACE-IRDAforA: AltiKa for AfricaInland water
SharmaRashmiSAC, ISRO, AhmedabadMesoscale variability in the Tropical Indian ocean from AltiKa and other contemporary altimetersOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
ShumC. K.Ohio State UniversityInterdisciplinary Science Using AltiKa Altimetry over Coastal Ocean, Solid Earth and Ice-SheetsCalVal & Reprocessing
SinghO. P.IMD, New DelhiSea level and Indian Ocean Dipole & their relationships with MonsoonOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
SmithWalterNOAAInter-comparison of random noise levels in sea surface heights measured by AltiKa, Cryosat-2 in SAR mode, and conventional Ku-band altimetersMarine Geoid
SomayajuluY. K.NIO, GoaSatellite Altimeter for Monitoring the Coastal Regions of IndiaCoastal
SreejithK. M.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadA study of the structure, tectonics and isostasy of the Andaman Subduction Zone using SARAL/ALTIKA derived geoid/gravity and bathymetry dataMarine Geoid
TurielAntonioInstitut de Ciències del Mar - CSICA synergistic approach to study oceans for climate purposesOcean Dynamics & Mesoscale
VarmaA. K.SAC, ISRO, AhmedabadDevelopment of Algorithm for Quantitative Estimation of Precipitation using Altimeter and Microwave Radiometer Observations from SARAL"Marine Meteorology"
VerronJacquesLEGIAssimilation of SARAL/AltiKa data for physical ocean prediction and ecosystem monitoringAssimilation
VialardJérômeLOCEAN-IRDSea level variability in the Northern Indian Ocean Coastal WaveguideCoastal
VigoIsabelleUniversidad de Alicante"Surface geostrophic currents from altimetry and space gravity for the global ocean and the Mediterranean"Ocean Dynamics & Mesoscale
WatsonChristopherUniversity of TasmaniaAn Australian contribution to SARAL/AltiKa calibration and validation over ocean and iceCalVal