October 28, 2014

Events Archive

2014 events

04/22-04/24/2014: Second SARAL/Altika verification workshop "SARAL International Science and Applications Meeting", Ahmedabad (India)

2013 events

09/2013: GDR dissemination to all users on the AVISO ftp server

08/17-08/29/2013: First SARAL/Altika verification workshop, near Toulouse

06/20/2013: OGDR-T and IGDR-T dissemination to all users on the AVISO ftp server

Due to technical issues on the AVISO ftp server, the O/IGDR dissemination to all users intially planned today is delayed to no earlier than 25th of June.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

03/13/2013: SARAL on its final orbit

The final orbit has been reached; the cycle #1 will start on 14th. The ascending node #1 (0.13° long) will be crossed at 6 am local time.

03/08/2013: News about SARAL after its launch

SARAL satellite was successfully put in orbitby the ISRO indian launcher PSLV on February 25, 2013 at 12h49 UT (13h49 French time) on an orbit very close to the targeted injection orbit.

Instruments switch ON and nominal functioning
After switching on the main sub-systems of the SSB platform developed by ISRO, the PIM equipments (Payload Integrated Module developed by CNES) have one after the other been turned ON during the night (Indian hour) between February 25 and 26, 2013. All the instruments are nominal.

The attitude acquisition is still underway
The attitude acquisition maneuvers begun on 02/27 (inclination/local time correction) and are followed by semi-major axis correction maneuvers. The final orbit and the reference ground track settlement should then be acquired after a last maneuver on March 13.

In flight commissionning
The first days of instrument commisssionning indicate good peerformances, as expected. The ground processings are under validation but the first plots done on a test configuration at CNES are very promising.

Discover as preview, the first waves' height map made from ALTIKA measurements
Discover as preview, the first waves' height map made from Altika measurements

25/02/2013 à 12h31 UT: Successfull launch!

2012 events

08/2012-09/2012: Coupling tests between ISRO SSB platform and CNES payload module (at ISRO)

07/11/2012: Sending of the payload module to India

04/26/2012: Successful launch for PSLV#19 (RISAT)

2011 events

10/12/2011: Successful launch for PSLV#18 (Megha-Tropiques)

07/15/2011: Successful launch for PSLV#17, less than 3 months after the previous launch

End 06/2011: PIM Qualification Review

03/15-03/17/2011: 3rd meeting of the Joint Science Working Group (JSWG) and 2nd SARAL/AltiKa International Scientific Workshop in India

(see the scientific presentations on the Aviso website)

2010 events

Début 09/2010: Thermal vacuum tests at Cannes (France) in Thales Alenia Space premises

07/21-07/22/2010: CNES/ISRO Bilateral meeting, in Bangalore.

06/08-06/18/2010: Off-line/GDR software installation in ISRO/SAC Ahmedabad facility and TM_NRT/OGDR software installation in ISRO/NRSC Shadnagar facility.

06/01/2010: Beginning of Payload Integrated Module environmental tests

04/15/2010: Release of selected SARAL/AltiKa PIs.

04/01/2010: Second meeting of the Joint Science Working Group (JSWG), at SAC-ISRO in Ahmedabad, for PIs selection.

02/09-02/11/2010: Satellite Design Incremental Review, at ISRO in Bangalore.

2009 events

12/15/2009: Publication of the Joint Announcement of Opportunity for SARAL/Altika CalVal and data use, until February 15th, 2010. More information and form available on AVISO website.

10/20-10/23/2009: CNES/ISRO/EUMETSAT System Interfaces Performances and Validation Review.

07/02-07/03/2009: CNES/ISRO bilateral meeting, in Bangalore.

06/25-06/26/2009: Satellite Preliminary Design Review, at ISRO in Bangalore – "Incremental Review" scheduled in decembre 2009 to finalise the platform design.

04/24/2009 : First meeting of the Joint Science Working Group (JSWG), at SAC-ISRO in Ahmedabad.

22/04-23/04/2009: First SARAL/Altika French-Indian scientific workshop, at SAC-ISRO (Science Application Center) in Ahmedabad.

Summary and presentations available at http://www.mosdac.gov.in/saral.html

2008 events

12/16-12/17/2008: Payload interface module Preliminary Design Review.

07/05-07/06/2008: Bilateral meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG), in Goa.

2007 events

03/02/2007: CNES and ISRO (Indian space agency), signed the "memorandum of Understanding" for Saral Satellite